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WordPress is free open source CMS that is used for blogs and as a system for content management.
It is used for personal blogs, complex sites and even online stores. Built-in “themes” and “plugins”, and pretty good architecture to allow the construction of various projects. Some reasons why WordPress is a very good choice: it includes free themes and lots of free plugins and also the pretty good architecture. Currently, WordPress is one of the most popular systems for content management.

In several articles, we will talk about plugins that are crucial and useful for a good WordPress website.
These Free WordPress plugins, shared here, are useful and used a lot in WordPress site building.

Tip: Before you install a plugin, you can backup your site as a precaution.

We will start with some site security plugins:


Free plugin, which protects us from spam comments, works very well and we think it is a necessity for a site.




This free plugin is an option or addendum to Akismet plugin.




Imagine something happens and you lose your site data. Each week, this free plugin sends a copy of the site to your mail or Dropbox. With it, if some day something bad happens, you can easily get back your website.




This free plugin is used if you want to change your hosting company.
It allows you to make a copy of your website and migrate to another hosting. Not used constantly, but it is useful to know.



Limit Login Attempts

If someone tries to login to your admin panel of WordPress, this free plugin blocks the IP address when somebody is trying to get into your site.




Another plugin to protect WordPress. If you see that someone is trying to hack your site, this free plugin blocks the IP address as the previous one. There are several additional features that can help protect your site.


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