5 Useful Tools for WordPress

In the article today, we will share with you some free tools for WordPress that we from Webdesignfreebies like very much. With this selection of tools you will be able to find out what WordPress theme is used by any site, you will be able to check your own site for viruses, we will show you some useful tools that you can use in your articles, to check if your theme meets the latest standards and if there are any problems areas in your code and also test the security of your WordPress website.

We will begin with WPTheme Detector. Imagine that you surfing the Internet and you come across a site that you really like and you are lucky to see that it is based on WordPress. With this free tool you can very easily and quickly find out which theme this particular site uses and which plugins are installed.


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If you suspect that your site is infected with viruses you will need a suitable tool to scan it to see if you are right. That is exactly the next tool we are dragging your attention to. This is the scanner on the popular site sucuri.net that will do a quick free check of your website.


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The next tool that we will mention is called Filement. This is a very interesting tool for WordPress that is using a single plugin and 2-3 lines of code which allow you to install several useful tools to your site.

Once you register with one of your accounts on Facebook or Google + and add the URL of your site, you will need to download the free plugin application and a small script that you need to put in the header or footer of your site.

And after that you can choose between 6 different instruments.

Two of the best ones are the floating band for the social networks through which your readers easily share your posts and the other one is the option when the text is highlighted the reader will be able to share it to social networks via some buttons.


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ThemeCheck.org is a relatively new site that provides free service to validate WordPress and Joomla themes. Users can upload their templates and the tool will analyze the files to verify code quality and security. Site provides an assessment of each theme and a list of warnings highlighting where the problems are.

The service is useful not only for users but also for developers as they can test the WordPress themes they create and verify compliance with the standards.


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Last on the list is feedthebot.com. With this tool, you can find out whether your site meets the standards of Google. In addition to scanning the basics of SEO point of view, the site provides solid information for the optimization of any website.


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