ZenPen – Free Word-Processing Tool

Using a computer every day in our business or personal activities certainly includes some kind of text writing.
There are thousands of applications for text editing but it seems that we are usually distracted by their features and options that more or less prevent us from focusing on the actual writing of the text.
Today, we will tell you about a great free tool for word-processing called ZenPen. This free software has a minimalist interface with fewer features, which means that there isn’t anything special to adjust in order to use it. ZenPen doesn’t have any sophisticated features, redundant buttons and it does not require registration or installation.  All you have to do is to type the text and save it to your computer.The instrument is equipped with the necessary functions for text formatting such as:
– inserting quotes
– putting links
– making bold text
– making text italic
After you are done with the text, you can download the written and formatted text in three different formats: markdown, in HTML or plain text without formatting.
The ability to determine the number of words is another useful feature of ZenPen.
To sum up, ZenPen is a very good application for online word-processing that will help то you то stay focused while writing something important. Try it!




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