Free Icon Set by Those Icons

In any web design or app project, the icons play a major role since they are used for multiple purposes.
By using the right icon sets, you can give a clean, professional or a stylish aspect to your site or app.
Choosing the right icons for the right project could be a challenging task but thankfully, there are more than thousands of free icon sets that are available online which will enable you to choose the best ones that will suit your designs.

The team at webdesignfreebies will try to find and share the best free web icons sets every day. We will strive to choose some high quality web icons that will be absolutely free and follow the latest trends in web design. We do hope that somehow we will be useful and assist you in your design process and help you select the right icons for you next design project.

Today’s free icons comes from ThoseIcons. It’s an amazing set containing a variety of styles for you to use.

Launching Those Icons with this free Sample icon set, created with love and precision in 24 and 30 pixel perfect grid. 150 free icons in two different styles and two grid sizes, that makes 300 icons.

Free Icon Set by Those Icons

Free Icon Set by Those Icons



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